We promise you will never see the word "from scratch"
5 or less ingredients // 10 min or less prep // simple instructions

Pinterest has created a tough world for us men.  We’re now held to high standards when it comes to anniversary gifts, family photos, and worst of all food.  This site is dedicated to recipes that will make you a hero to your kids without taking up your whole night.  From the ingredients to the prep to the instructions, everything is designed to be quick and easy.  Time to take your manhood back.

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Cheesy Chicken Bagel Pizzas

Quick and easy bagel recipe that is sure to delight your kids.


Easy Crescent Pizza Rolls

Fun cheesy sandwiches your kids are sure to enjoy.


Strawberry Vanilla Poundcake Trifle

Fun layered dessert that's fun if you have any old Mason jars laying around.